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On the hunt for some new study techniques to take your grades from a P to a D, or maybe even an HD if you're feeling confident?

As part of our #winwithisic giveaway of a Scanmarker Air way back in June, we asked all entrants to tell us their ultimate study tip. After going through them all, we have compiled 15 of the best to hopefully provide you with that extra little bit of motivation you might need going into the business end of the academic year!

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1 | "Always take quizzes or past exams for your current exams"

2 | "Background music is key - pick a playlist that allows you to focus without getting distracted by the songs being played"

3 | "This is a naughty one, but just leave your study till the last minute (no earlier than 2 days' before) - not many of us are clever enough to retain all that information for much longer than that"

4 | "Break down and summarise your notes at the end of the day, you don't get overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to learn and actually learn the content instead"

5 | "Teaching is the best way to learn! Sit your friend, sibling, or struggling classmate down and teach them what you're learning. It not only solidifies in your head, but teaches something new to someone else!"

6 | "Use highlighters, brings your attention to similar topics"

7 | "Know your learning style and what helps you to learn. Also know what the easiest way to stay organised is and stick to the plan".

8 | "Make notes, notes and more notes and then review them whenever you can!"

9 | "Get proper lighting. Makes a huge difference reading and writing in a properly lit space".

10 | "Study on a full stomach"

11 | "To really retain a piece of information, re-read it 1 hour after you've first read it, then again 1 day later, then 1 week later, and then 1 month".

12 | "Read. Read. Read. Then repeat".

13 | "Transcribing and highlighting important points/top facts - printing these out and posting them around my room & in the flat toilet!"

14 | "My best study time is from 3-6am, it is a quiet time and my mind seems at its most alert. Each of us have a moment in time that is a moment of peace. I utilise this time".

15 | "If you get stuck on something, try and move on anyway and let it go and then come back to it. Sometimes your subconscious needs time to look at a problem from a different angle".

Have you come across any new-found study inspiration? We would certainly hope so! Finding study techniques that actually work for each of us can be a real process of trial and error. If it's not working for you now, always best to keep trying until you find something that works for you!

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