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You've found yourself in New Zealand! Welcome! We've put together 6 discounts you can enjoy with your ISIC card that we reckon will make your time here in New Zealand that much better! Read on to view them all.


Social Image Melbourne 13Save on airfares, tours and more with STA Travel

Who are they?
STA Travel have more than 35 years of experience as the youth travel experts enabling students and young adults to explore the world by creating experiences filled with adventure, discovery and personal growth.

What can you save on?
You can save on everything from exclusive discounts on airfares, accommodation, tours, rail passes and more. Click here for further details.

How can you save with STA Travel?
The best and easiest way to save with STA Travel is in one of their many stores New Zealand-wide. Click here for a full list.

Social Image Melbourne 14Save on fun-filled New Zealand adventures with Kiwi Vibes

Who are they?
Kiwi Vibes offer EPIC accommodation-inclusive tours of New Zealand for 18-30s. Explore popular and hidden locations, become immersed in the local culture, and experience the awesome nightlife. Tour bus coach with up to 30 other legendary travellers from around the world (as well as a kick-ass local guide) and have the time of your life.

What can you save on?
You can save 10% off tours booked online through Kiwi Vibes.

How can you save with YHA Australia?
Saving on a Kiwi Vibes booking is done simply by redeeming your promo code with your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here.

Social Image Melbourne 16Save on campervan hire for your New Zealand road trip with JUCY

Who are they?
JUCY stand for fun, adventure and the spirit of travelling. Priding themselves on offering unique and exciting travel experiences, today they've got cars, campervans and motorhomes across New Zealand, and with lots of convenient airport locations too, it's super easy!

What can you save on?
You can save 5% off campervan hire.

How can you save with JUCY?
Saving on a JUCY booking is done by simply redeeming your promo code with your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here.

Social Image Melbourne 17Save on the iconic outdoor New Zealand experience with OGO Rotorua

Who are they?
OGO Rotorua is an iconic adventure experience that is great all year round. Visitors are offered multiple ride options where 40 litres of water is added (cool in summer, warm in winter). Slip and slide with 40 litres of water down the world's longest 350m H2OGO Sidewinder track, or race one another down the two double Straight 250m H2OGO tracks.

What can you save on?
You can save 20% off all rides.

How can you save with Urban Adventures?
Saving on an Urban Adventures tour is done by simply showing or referring your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card when confirming your booking.

Social Image Melbourne 18Save on your epic New Zealand tour with Student Trips

Who are they?
Student Trips is the youthful and vibrant tour company on the scene. Join them as they explore up and down New Zealand - taking you on adventures the average tour company never will. From Cape Reinga in the North to Queenstown in the South, if there's something worth experiencing you can be sure they'll take you there!

What can you save on?
You can save 10% off all day and weekend trips.

How can you save with Student Trips?
Saving on a Student Trips booking is done simply by redeeming your promo code with your ISIC or IYTC card here.

Social Image Melbourne 19Save on hundreds of accommodation options in New Zealand with Hotels.com

Who are they?
Every day, Hotels.com inspire and reach millions of travellers across 90 local websites and 41 languages. When it comes to booking the perfect hotel, vacation rental, resort, apartment, guest house or treehouse - they've got you covered.

What can you save on?
You can save 10% off online bookings

How can you save with Hotels.com?
Saving with Hotels.com is easy! Simply redeem your promo code with your ISIC, IYTC, or ITIC card here.


Still after more? No worries! Click here to view all ISIC New Zealand discounts.

All discounts are correct at time of publishing this article and are subject to change without notice. Please always check here for the latest information. Some offers are part of the ISIC Australia & New Zealand Frequent Values Partnership. For cards issued outside of Australia or New Zealand please visit our International Cardholders information here to find out more about accessing the ISIC Frequent Values Program.

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