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Our very own Nadine from ISIC New Zealand recently (and very bravely) took the plunge off Auckland's Harbour Bridge. Read on for a first-hand recap and review of the experience!

Staying at City Lodge, I could already start the day by checking my messages and emails with the 100mb of free Internet I received thanks to my ISIC. On my way to the Auckland Bungy pick-up point at the Viaduct, I picked up a delicious bagel at Al’s Deli in Queen Street, where I enjoyed 20% off my salmon bagel.

A member of the nice AJ Hackett Bungy team picked me up on the corner corner of Quay and Hobson St right in front of the New Zealand Maritime Museum. When booking the Bungy, one can select between own transport or transfer from the CBD to their base at the beginning of the Harbor Bridge.

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After a 15 minute ride, we arrived at the Bungy Base where we got our harness and helmets on and from there we started the 10 minute safe walk underneath the bridge. From the walk, one can already start enjoying the views as the altitude above the sea increases and the city view gets better the further you walk on the bridge.

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I was in a group of about 10 people and being the lightest, I was the last one to jump (going from heavy to lightest jumper).

Having done Bungy jumps before, I wasn’t as nervous as some of the first time jumpers in my group, but my excitement certainly increased knowing what kind of adrenaline kick was lying ahead.

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Jumpers have the option to choose from different jump styles: Forward jump, somersault or backwards jump. I chose the classic forward dive as well as jumping off the plank at 40m altitude. I enjoyed every split second of the fall as well as the the view of seeing the emerald green water coming closer and closer. Bouncing back up again, the joy is fantastic and immediately I felt like falling down again. I bounced 4 times before I pulled a string at the side of my leg that turned me upside down again. The crew then pulled me up to the platform while I enjoyed 'hanging around' and enjoying the view of Auckland from underneath the famous Harbour Bridge. Everything was over far too quickly and everyone couldn’t stop grinning and smiling. We walked the way back to the base again and I was transferred back to the CBD.

It really is definitely a fantastic and thrilling experience for all adventure seekers, and Auckland Harbour Bridge provides a great location with fantastic views of the City of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf.

From the drop off point, I walked 5 minutes to the Harbour from where I took the 12 minute ferry to the beautiful seaside town of Devonport. After taking a leisurely walk up Mt Victoria from where I could enjoy fantastic views of Greater Auckland area, I enjoyed a delicious coffee and cake in one of the nice cafés and received another 20% off the total bill!

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