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Don’t let money woes ruin your exciting uni experience!

Being a student is one of the most exciting periods in the life of a young person. But as everything else, that period comes with some good and some “less good” sides. All students have two things in common - the desire for enjoying a rich student life and the lack of money to finance all these wishes and needs.


First there are the costs of everyday life. If you are studying away from your home, you need to pay rent for the apartment/room/wherever you live. Then there is the food, three meals per day minimum if you want to keep healthy. Books and other learning materials can be expensive to and they all add up each month. The list is long, but here are just few essential things you need to spend money on while studying.

Furthermore, we all know that students love to have fun and socialise. Every student deserves a break from time to time to unwind and be more productive when learning. Students have to include the costs of going out, movies, clothing, transportation, costs of mobiles and various other "freeloaders" of the student budget.


To avoid a “thin wallet” a lot of students take on part-time jobs. They are studying and working at the same time to be able to provide themselves with all the benefits of student life. Doing so is great, but if you don’t have the time for a job or haven’t found anything yet, do not panic. There are some other ways to increase your student budget, without having to work. Here are just few of them:

·         collect reward points using a membership card,

·         use the coupons for everyday purchases,

·         use an ISIC student discount card.

Although all of these three options will save you some money, using an ISIC student discount card is the best choice because it offers the widest range of discounts. It can really save you a bunch of money, while still enabling you to buy whatever you want. The range of discounts is really broad: from dining, movies, shopping, concert tickets to flights and accommodation.


Whichever option you choose, at first it may not seem to bring you massive savings, but remember that the academic year is long and your student budget will be very grateful that you save in all areas of your life, as they all add up.

After all, student life should be an unforgettable part of growing up, and it should not be remembered as a part of life when you spared the most. Cheers to saving heaps while you’re a student.

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