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Being a student means constant reading, learning and examination periods. To be able to handle it and keep it all together, your body and mind needs you to take a break.

Of course, we all know and are familiar with the small breaks, that often last longer than planned and ultimately turn ourselves into the world’s best procrastinators. The use of mobile phones to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks is so incredibly easy and at our finger tips, we hardly have to stop to think about it, and we are absorbed into the online world. Naturally, the 5min break turns into a 60-minute lifestyle and social connectivity check which not only makes your mind work when it should be resting, but is a major distraction.


Learning breaks should be taken to enable the brain to rest before getting back to work. Good learning breaks consist of activities that will distract from you and fill your body and mind with energy. Here are a couple quick tips on how to effectively use a learning break and really give your mind the rest it needs to perform at its best whilst learning!

Enjoy what nature has to offer If you’re living in a busy city it’s not easy to find a quiet, calm patch of grass, but if you look a little harder most cities offer parks or a green space with little traffic, so you can escape and enjoy the fresh air. Why not grab a bicycle and do a little exercise while you’re at it? You could read a book or meet with some friends and have a laugh, thus return feeling energized and refreshed. If it’s not possible to find a green spot outside your place of study or if the weather is not playing it’s part, try setting up a little corner of your room with some interior plants, a cozy armchair and make that your ‘green escape patch’.

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Nothing better than some exercise Sitting for long periods of time is harmful for your health in many aspects, so you need to include some activity or movement away from your learning position. Try schedule in 10 minutes every 60  minutes. Walk around the house or go grab a coffee or water, walk your dog or simply go for a walk around the block. Exercising stimulates the secretion of the ‘happy’ hormones and improves your circulation, something your brain will most definitely thank you for.


Thumbs up for socialising Getting together with your friends or even having a phone call with someone you enjoy talking to, will raise your spirit and help you unwind. Conversation, laughter and general interaction with other people you are comfortable with, allows your body to go into a state of relaxation. This gives it the opportunity to rest and prepare for the next session of studying. So, it’s goes without saying, choose to socialize with positive, motivated friends during your peak study periods, as you will benefit from their positive attitude and feel less stressed.


Happy studying all!

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