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Being young and with time on our hands mean that as students we can make a genuinely positive, long term impact on the environment we live in.

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Living a sustainable and environmentally friendly life is a fantastically rewarding path to go down, however getting started always seems to be the hardest part. Here are some tips to get you going!

1) Chill out with your freezer

If you have access to a fridge we're going to work on the presumption that there's a good chance you will have a freezer too. Similar to a fridge, albeit colder, the freezer magically works to keep your food lasting longer and longer. Got leftovers that you can't be bothered storing away? Consider the fact that the average New Zealand household wasted $644 worth of food per annum. What a waste! Think how much that number could be reduced, and the food that could still enjoy if your freezer was utilised a little more! 


2) Grow your own food

Not as difficult as it sounds! Our ancestors have been doing it for god knows how long, and while it's probably more aligned with hipster cred these days than for feeding one's own family, it is ever so positive for the environment. Whether you're working with a classic quarter acre block, or a small apartment balcony, it's still very much doable for anyone and everyone. Incredibly satisfying once you see the growth, your finances will be thanking you too. It's a win-win situation!

Grow Food

3) Shop responsibly

Convenience is good, perhaps a little too good. While we live busy lives as students, we should strive as much as possible to live lives that we know and can appreciate are good for ourselves and the environment too. If all you get out of it is a warm-fuzzy feeling, that is a brilliant start. If you live in New Zealand's most populated city, there's a good chance you will have heard of GoodFor and their three Auckland stores. Existing according to themselves "to make sustainable shopping a lot easier for the everyday consumer", give them a try and you'll see why. Find out more about them here.    

Sustainable shopping

4) Learn from the Sustainable Living Programme

There are an abundance of resources out there to hone your skills in the field of sustainable living, however one of great relevance for us Kiwis is the Sustainable Living Programme. Operated by The Sustainable Living Education Trust, it is a fantastic place to learn of practical, useful information which can be integrated into your day-to-day life. Find out more here.

We're known outside of New Zealand as a country obsessed and passionate about sustainability. This isn't just a myth! Looking after ourselves and our environment is ever so important. This is a brilliant place to begin!

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