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The New Year is only a few weeks away, and people in New Zealand are making big plans to better themselves in 2020. Among the personalised New Year’s resolutions that can be found on most Kiwis’ lists include being healthy, learning a new skill, and improving finances. The latter is a particular concern, as the disparity between most people’s actual incomes and the daily cost of living is felt by about a quarter of the population, and is a particular issue for students.

Many students need to find a source of income for their expenses, while others may need that little extra cash to lighten their budget. The most common sources of income for this purpose are working in a bar, fast food outlets, restaurants, marketing, promotional work, or some other well-known fields where you are working hours that do not interfere with your study obligations.

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A person can read an average of 150-200 words per minute. Often before exams or sometimes simply due to lack of time we wish we could read a little faster. Ever wanted to know how to speed up your reading skills? To improve you reading, but also the speed at which you read, you need to practice and read regularly.