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What a coincidence! Given the timing of our current #winwithisic competition giveaway, we thought it to be appropriate to shine the spotlight on the Scanmarker and tell you exactly what it is!

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What they say

"Study smart with the Scanmarker Air! Scan and edit your notes on the go. Simply slide across a line of printed text and watch it appear instantly on the screen. The Scanmarker Air features an ultra-portable design-scan wirelessly via Bluetooth connection to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Using their cutting-edge, patented OCR technology, scan directly into any application or their intuitive mobile apps".

What we say
Where was this all those years ago when we were finishing school? Having to settle for awful hand-written notes and pixelated Motorola flip-phone photos, the Scanmarker would have come in incredibly handy during those years. Thankfully the technology has caught up to our desires and it's no longer wishful thinking.

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Our friends over in London recently had the pleasure of trying out the Scanmarker.
Check out the video they made below for a closer at how it works!


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