ISIC New Zealand

Meet the team behind ISIC New Zealand

With experience and backgrounds ranging from Teaching to corporate business it's fair to say the ISIC NZ team brings a wealth of experience and always a lot of ideas to the table. 

We're at our best with a coffee or two in our hands, attending some face to face meetings and testing out our cardholder benefits. So drop us a line if you want to talk cards, partnerships, discounts and anything in between. 



Chief ‘Making Student Life Better' Officer 

(General manager ISIC, APAC)

MTT Nadine


‘Signing on the Dotted Line’ Executive

(Client Development Executive)

MTT Matt
‘Making Sure Everything Works’ Executive

(Regional Sales Support)

MTT Louisa

‘Getting the message out to everyone’ Manager

(Head of Regional Marketing)

MTT James
‘A bit of everything for everyone’ Assistant

(Digital Marketing & Operations Assistant)

MTT Generic
‘Giving the students what they want’ Associate

(Benefits & Card Sales Executive)



Your favourite ISIC discount in NZ: No question about it...River Rats Water Rafting and our Skydive Wanaka benefits. Great value and full of adventure. What’s not to love!

Jodie can most commonly be sunny Queensland or jet-setting around Asia Pacific. Drop Jodie an email to chat about collaboration opportunities and global partnerships! Although based in the sunshine state, Jodie is often in NZ managing creative collaborations and partnerships with aligned businesses. 

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Your favourite ISIC discount: 25% off Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump

Nadine is your go-to for all partnership opportunities. She spends most of her time meeting organisations discussing partnership opportunities or representing ISIC at events in New Zealand. 

Contact Nadine if you are keen to offer ISIC cards via your organisation or partner with us in any way. 

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Your favourite ISIC discount in NZ: 10% off ZORB! 

Matt can most be our high rise office in Melbourne's Southbank setting up new processes and systems for our partners and providing them with day to day support. In addition to this Matt manages all in house printing processes. Contact Matt for any system based questions or printing enquiries. 

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Your favourite ISIC discount in NZ: You can't get much better than up to 15% off car hire with Europcar. It's a dream for anyone wanting to explore NZ! 

Lou can most commonly be our Melbourne Office planning our campaigns and digital activity as well as on skype to our overseas counterparts. Reach out to Louisa for any Marketing opportunities (collaborations, giveaways, campaigns, content, advertising) across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand & Singapore. 

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Your favourite ISIC discount in NZ: It has to be 20% off all rides with OGO Rotorua.

James can most commonly be found...enjoying the view of the city from our Melbourne office while ensuring all day to day management of online card orders runs smoothly. James is also the face behind our content creation and blogContact James for any questions you have about your online card order and any queries about our blog, emails or Facebook pages.

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Your favourite ISIC discount: My favourite discount in NZ is 20% off any pizza at Pizza Pomodoro!

Jenna can most commonly be our Melbourne office liaising with benefit and sales partners across Australia, New Zealand & Singapore or out and about checking out new opportunities and discount partners to add to our program. Reach out to Jenna if you want to join our benefit program.

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