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Up to 40% off fares

The original airfares for student & youth, STA Travel's BlueTicket is the only ticket you need! For over 35 years, STA's legendary BlueTickets are still the cheapest, the original and the best. Exclusive to students and those under the age of 31, they say your 20s are the best years of life, and obviously they're referring to the money you'll save travelling on STA's BlueTicket fares.

How do I get this discount?

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  • With over 60 of the world's leading airlines on-board, BlueTicket will take you to places that no other ticket can.
  • Add free stopovers, make up crazy Round the World routes and book exclusive 18 month tickets.
  • No ticket is as flexible as a BlueTicket!

Terms and conditions
The exact age requirements, duration and rules will depend on the type of ticket you purchase. For all up to date information regarding BlueTicket fares, please contact STA Travel.
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