Your New Look ISIC Card

As part of a global brand refresh, we have introduced a fresh, modern and stylish new logo and card design. Your new look card is presently in the process of being gradually rolled out as we move well and truly into 2020.

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About the new card design

The logo features a refreshed colour palette that stays true to its origins, while also embracing a new look and feel.

ISIC card duo 382x222

Some questions you may have

Why does my card look different to others I have seen?

It looks different because it is brand new! It functions exactly as it always has, just more beautifully! Please bear with us in the meantime as we phase out or old look cards.

My card has the old design. Will it still work?

Yes, of course! Regardless or being of old or new design, virtual and plastic cards remain valid as long as their dates of validity are still current.

Any further questions?

No worries at all, we're happy to help! Simply contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.