Are you visiting New Zealand and already have an ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card?

Wherever you're headed in New Zealand, be it to study, travel or teach, you're likely to find a great ISIC deal close by. 

We've answered some questions you may have to help ensure you make the most of your ISIC membership while here in New Zealand. 

ISIC, IYTC and ITIC Virtual Cards

1. Does it matter if I have a plastic or virtual ISIC card?

In New Zealand (& Australia) both plastic and virtual ISIC cards are accepted for all offers. For some offers you will need to display a voucher on a smartphone. 

2. What discounts can I get with my ISIC, IYTC or ITIC in NZ?

There are over 100 discounts available to you right now in NZ (plus over 250 in Australia) that are available to all cardholders regardless of where your card was issued. To find these offers head to the discounts page and browse by category, location or popularity. You can also search for offers on the global ISIC App

In addition to the standard offers, if you do have a card which was issued in either New Zealand or Australia you can also access thousands more (yes thousands!) as you will also automatically gain access to our huge range of ISIC Frequent Values offers. 

3. How do I identify which offers are for all cardholders and which are for ISIC Frequent Values cardholders only?

Additional Frequent Values offers can be identified easily. When browsing the discounts page on this website look for the yellow 'ISIC Frequent Values' flag above each offer (see below). 

ISIC Frequent Values NZ

The best way however, is to browse ISIC Frequent Values offers only by visiting this dedicated ISIC Frequent Values website either on mobile or desktop.  From the mobile site you can search, view and access discounts directly from your phone, you'll just need to log in with your Surname and ISIC Serial number (located on the bottom right of your card). 

Link: https// 

ISIC FV Card Website Image 2

If you are browsing offers on the global ISIC website or on the ISIC App you simply need to check the description of the offers. If the offer is a Frequent Values one, there will be information telling you so and instructing you how to redeem the discount. 

4. How do I know if I have a standard card or a Frequent Values card?

If you are unsure which card you have then check the front of your card (plastic or virtual), and if you can see a logo that says 'Frequent Values' then you can automatically access these additional offers. See below example.

ISIC FV Card Website Image

5. How can I get access to the additional Frequent Values offers in New Zealand?

If your ISIC card doesn't have the Frequent Values logo then you won't automatically be able to access these offers. 

Existing ISIC, IYTC & ITIC cardholders who have a card purchased outside of Australia or New Zealand can purchase Frequent Values membership at an exclusive reduced rate - please click here to verify your card and access this offer. 

For further information about ISIC you can view our Frequently Asked Questions