Additional Opportunities

We have a number of opportunities available to our partners. 


For information about advertising opportunities please get in touch via the link below letting us know what you're interested in. 

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Promotional campaign opportunities & competitions

If you are interested in running a giveaway or competition with us, please send us an email via the link below.  Please assist us by including a subject in your email i.e. Competitions/Giveaways/Discounts.

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Become a card issuer

If you are part of the ISIC Benefit Program you can apply to become an ISIC Issuing Partner. Offer ISIC cards as a value add or choose to on-sell the cards to your members.

Contact us to discuss becoming an ISIC Issuer

Join the ISIC Benefit Program

If you are an ISIC Issuing Partner and you offer products or services to your members, students or customers then becoming a Benefit Partner could be a great way to engage further with the student, youth and teacher markets. 

The ISIC Benefit Program