Partner Opportunity: Become an ISIC Appointed Office

As an authorised ISIC Appointed Office you are able to issue or sell ISIC cards to your students or members. You can offer the benefits of ISIC membership via your organisation adding value to your members as well as being associated with a globally recognised brand.

We aim to continually grow our issuing partner network to ensure as many students as possible have access to the ISIC card and its benefits internationally. If you are interested in becoming an Appointed Office or Point of Sale for ISIC please express your interest by contacting us

As an ISIC Appointed Office you can either issue or sell cards to eligible students, youths and teachers. You can choose to create a co-branded card or issue standard cards. 

Benefits to your students & members

  • Prove their student / youth status where ever they go, not just locally but globally
  • Access over 150,000 student discounts and offers in around 130 countries
  • Save money every day both at home and abroad
  • Access student services and facilities internationally

Benefits to your organisation

  • Be associated with a globally recognised brand
  • Offer an added value product to your members as a USP
  • Opportunity to earn additional revenue
  • Increase your brand awareness and international profile

 To apply to become an ISIC Appointed Office or for more information please contact our partnership team today.

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