ISIC Brand Refresh

As part of a brand refresh campaign, ISIC is introducing a fresh, modern and stylish new logo and card design. Read on to have a look and learn more!

Partner image - ISIC Brand Refresh
Introducing the new ISIC Card design

The new logo features a refreshed colour palette that stays true to its origins, while also embracing a new look and feel. By eliminating the complexity and dated iconography, the new ISIC identity gives cardholders a clear, simple and professional sign of membership of belonging to a global community.

Why the refresh?

Every now and then the time is right to freshen things up a little. Along with a more uncluttered and new look, the design will provide more opportunity and flexibility for co-brand partners to utilise space on the cards for branding of their own desire. 

Can we tell you more?

Of course we can, and we're more than happy to. If you have any questions regarding the brand refresh or partnership opportunities our team will be glad to discuss this further with you. Many organisations partner with us, from co-branding student IDs to becoming official ISIC Appointed Offices or affiliates, we have options and programs available to suit different styles of organisations. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

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