Over 2.9 million cards issued globally in 2018

ISIC has been supporting the global student community for over 65 years. The total number of cards issued and activated in 2018 was over 2.9 million across 127 issuing countries worldwide.

ISIC Cardholder

See below for key statistics regarding ISIC issuance and cardholders based on 2018 data. 

2,995,545 new cards were issued in 2018

2.6 million+ cards were issued in 2018 through co-brand partnerships 

There were 127 ISIC issuing countries

There more than 900,000 visits to isic.org

255,694 ISIC App downloads occurred in 2018

with 273,673 ISIC virtual ID profiles created

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The 2018 ISIC Association Annual Report will be available soon via the ISIC Association website

Source: 2018 ISIC Association Annual Report

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