ID card solutions for your organisation

Create a unique, all in one card for your organisation by combining your technical requirements and branding with an ISIC global ID card. We partner with many academic institutions and businesses globally to offer a co-branded ISIC which doubles as an access card, membership card, payment card and more.  

ISIC provides complete card technology, issuing and printing services to enable you to seamlessly issue and distribute ID and access cards within your organisation. 





Please note the images above are for example only, from September 1st 2019 all card designs will be designed using the new format.  

We offer complete printing and card issuing solutions to academic institutions, membership organisations and businesses.  ISIC smart card services include barcode integration, magnetic stripe, contact smart cards and contactless smart cards. 


Common uses of card technology integrated with ISIC:

  • Barcodes: access control, identification, usage tracking
  • Magnetic stripe: identification, verification, usage tracking, quick data retrieval
  • Contact smart card: payment and banking cards, identification, access 
  • Contactless smart card: payment, banking and transport cards, identification, credit card, access card

Benefits of integrating card technology into your ID card

  • Barcodes: simple technology and easy implementation, low investment, widely available
  • Magnetic stripe: Globally standardised
  • Contact smart card: High level of security, bigger data storage, high durability, commonly used by banks and financial institutions, data processing ability
  • Contactless smart card: Highly practical and convenient, fast transaction speed, multi-functional due to its high ability to process data, 2 chips can be combined into 1 card

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