ISIC Student Ambassadors

ISIC ambassadors are the face and voice of ISIC in their student community. As an ISIC Student Ambassador, you will use your connections and knowledge of students to promote ISIC through your network. You have the opportunity to earn a referral fee for every validated sale that you drive to our website using your unique code or link. 

Whether you're a key player in clubs and societies, always on campus with a large student network, or a social media superstar, there are options for you to be an ISIC Student Ambassador. 

How to get started?

  • Complete this quick online application form so we can assess your suitability to the program
  • ISIC will review your application*
  • If successful, we will issue you with unique links to use to promote ISIC in your network
  • You start earning referral fees for every student/teacher who signs up using your links

There are additional opportunities for ISIC student ambassadors which include expanding our ambassador network and sourcing new benefits for the ISIC discount program. 

Submit your expression of interest

For more info or to discuss opportunities please send us an email, or complete the form above and we will get back to you. 

*All applications are subject to approval based on suitability to the program