Student Life

Your student days are for many some of the most care-free and special of your life. Accompanied by a time of substantial personal growth, try and make the most out of this period in life. The student life section in which we have compiled, brings together advice and tips on how to get the best of yourself.

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New Zealand's eight universities enroll together nearly 200,000 students, with a substantial number of those coming from abroad to study. With campuses big enough to provide all of the facilities you could ever need, yet small enough that you'll easily feel part of a thriving student environment, you will have no trouble finding your place in New Zealand as a student.

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So, you're new to New Zealand. Where do you even start? Finding somewhere to live! With so many different styles of accommodation available now, which is best-suited to you?

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It's no secret that we need to work to support the lifestyles we like to live! Finding work when overseas as an international student can be a pretty daunting experience though. We've put together a quick guide on what to look for, and where to look!

Tips & Information

Being a student isn't always as easy-going as others make it out to be! Sometimes we need a little help from our peers to get us through. We've compiled some tips to help you out!

All the useful links you could possibly desire as a soon-to-be student in New Zealand!