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So, you're new to New Zealand. Where do you even start? Finding somewhere to live! With so many different styles of accommodation available now, which is best-suited to you?

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There are three main types of accommodation for students in New Zealand: Halls of residence, share houses, and homestays. Which one is for you though? 

Halls of residence / villages

Many universities in New Zealand are surrounded by what are referred to as halls of residences and villages. These environments provide a well-rounded student experience that brings together opportunities to socialise, along with support for your studies. These halls often vary in design from ultra contemporary to older and more established spaces.

Who would it be best for? We believe this environment is a great start for first-year students looking to get themselves established in the University lifestyle.

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Share House

It doesn't matter where you are in New Zealand, chances are that you will more than likely have no trouble at all finding a share house. Thankfully, they tend to be plentiful around Universities. The share house environment is one which people will tend to have a love-hate relationship with. They can be fantastic if the household works together to maintain a peaceful and positive environment, however they can on the other-hand test your patience. Doing your research though and spending some time getting to know your housemates is important to ensure you find some like-minded students to live with.

Who would it be best for? We believe this environment is great for students who enjoy independence, are not easily put-off, and and working on a budget. 

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If you're looking for comfort, this is the place! Living with a New Zealand family is a great way to delve deep into how the locals live and find warmth, safety and care in your day-to-day life. One of the great benefits of a homestay is that you will typically have meals provided, so even when you're feeling a little low, at least you won't have to prepare a meal at the end of the day!

Who would it be best for? We believe homestays to be best for those students who are perhaps a little anxious about moving overseas to study, and for those who feel happier with a loving family environment around them. 

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