Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand's eight universities enroll together nearly 200,000 students, with a substantial number of those coming from abroad to study. With campuses big enough to provide all of the facilities you could ever need, yet small enough that you'll easily feel part of a thriving student environment, you will have no trouble finding your place in New Zealand as a student.

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We've put together a quick guide to each of New Zealand's key university cities below.


North Island | Home to Auckland University of Technology and The University of Auckland

Called home by more students than any other city in New Zealand, Auckland, perched high up the North Island offers abundant opportunities to indulge in everything from beautiful beaches to scrumptious delicacies. Thinking about studying in Auckland? Click here to learn more.

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South Island | Home to The University of Canterbury

Perched along the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch has been through some periods of sadness in times past, however the remarkable locals continue to hold together as one. The city's over 12,000 strong student population continue to bring a youthfulness to the old-English charm of Christchurch. Thinking about studying in Christchurch? Christchurch Educated is a great place to start.

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South Island | Home to The University of Otago

Unsurprisingly known as a student city thanks to nearly 20% of the population studying at any given point in time, Dunedin in the far south of the country with its Scottish heritage is well within reach of some of the South Island's most scenic day trips. Thinking about studying in Dunedin? Click here to find out more.

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North Island | Home to The University of Waikato

Hovering in the middle of the North Island, Hamilton is New Zealand's largest inland city. With half of the city's population under the age of 30, Hamilton is youthful and vibrant. A fantastic spot for lovers of the outdoors, 145 individual parks and gardens provide a lovely green backdrop to the region. Thinking about studying in Hamilton? Study Waikato is a great place to start.

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Palmerston North

North Island | Home to Massey University

Perched a couple of hours north of the capital, inland Palmerston North is called home by just a touch under 100,000 people with a substantial number enrolled at the nearly 100 year old Massey University. Home to many things including the iconic New Zealand Rugby Museum, displaying the country's love of their national sport, Palmerston North is a proud New Zealand city. Thinking about studying in Palmerston North? Click here to find out more.

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North Island | Home to Victoria University of Wellington

Windy Wellington, the friendly capital of the country is surrounded by an abundance of beautiful nature and energy from its creative locals. Obsessed with everything from cuisine to sport, it's quite simply a brilliant spot for everyone including students to live. Thinking about studying in New Zealand? Find out more here.

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