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How to find local student discounts in New Zealand

Student discounts are thankfully plentiful in New Zealand. Not sure where to find them? Look no further!

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Being young undoubtedly has its perks, however most of us would probably agree that being splashed with cash isn't something that usually happens at the same time. As a result, it's important for us to be a little financially-savvy here and there to have that cash last that little bit longer. 


Staying observant

There is no point denying that we all live on our phones these days. Whether we're being our own PR manager scrolling through our Instagram accounts or simply streaming videos, the addiction is very real. 

Our tip

Make a concerted effort every now and then to sit still and take in what's going on around you. Whether you're reading the paper or consuming some advertising during the ad-breaks, you might be surprised what you learn when you 'switch-off' for a little while.

Staying Observant

The news

While it feel like it at times, the news isn't always bad! Every now and then a good-news story pops up to bring some happiness into your day, just like this pearler from

Our tip

Keep your eyes peeled open for money-saving articles, which are sometimes referred to as 'hacks' these days.

The News

Word of mouth

The old-fashioned technique, it simply never lets you down. You might feel as if you spend a little too much time with your friends every now and then, however even we think they'll come up with the odd word of wisdom from time to time.

Our tip

Simply spending time with your friends who presumably share relatively similar interests to yourself and are of the same age is a vastly unheralded tactic to discover the latest deals and 'hacks' to finding the sweetest deals going around.

Word of mouth

The ISIC app

We could hardly put together this page without a shameless plug from yours truly, however the ISIC app, together with an ISIC, ITIC, or IYTC card genuinely does open up a country full of student discounts. 

Our tip

Install the ISIC app from the App Store here or from Google Play here

The ISIC app

So now you see, finding students is really pretty easy! We have hundreds of student discounts ourselves here in New Zealand, and many more thousands throughout the world here. We're making student life better! 

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