Useful Links

All the useful links you could possibly desire as a soon-to-be student in New Zealand!

The internet is your best resource for all of the information you could possibly require for prospective students in New Zealand. Having all of the content bound together though, that's another story! Thankfully, we've done the hard work for you and compiled it all together in one place for you.

Regional resources
Each region of New Zealand has separate groups whose role it is to both attract prospective students to their areas, along with providing helpful advice and support too.

Study Auckland | Christchurch Educated | Dunedin Study | Study Waikato | Study Wellington

Federal resources
If you're looking for more general information regarding studying in New Zealand, ThinkNew is your best place to start.


Immigration resources
If you're looking for advice relating to visas, scholarships, tax and so on, New Zealand Immigration is your best place to start.

New Zealand Immigration

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