Finding Part-Time Work as an International Student

It's no secret that we need to work to support the lifestyles we like to live! Finding work when overseas as an international student can be a pretty daunting experience though. We've put together a quick guide on what to look for, and where to look!

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As strange as it sounds, part of the fun of living and studying overseas is working too! A great way to learn more about the locals, this is also a chance to meet like-minded individuals who could become great friends. Finding that great little job though requires a little bit of effort up-front.


1) First of all, settle in

Unless you are in financial strife immediately after arriving in New Zealand, (which you shouldn't be as you probably wouldn't have been issued a visa) your first priority should be getting yourself comfortable in your new surroundings. Once you're happy and feeling relatively at home, we can begin the process of looking of work!

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2) Research and understand the visa you're on

We really can't emphasise this enough. Obtaining a visa to live, work, and study in New Zealand for a significant period of time is a great privilege, and one which must be fully understood before you embark on searching for work. The absolute best place to start is undoubtedly through New Zealand Immigration. Here, you are able to delve deep into the visa you have and find out exactly what you are able to do when it comes to finding work.

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3) Think about the work that you're looking for

It is important to consider that some visas will allow you to work, while others won't. Each individual's circumstances may be slightly different. Working on the presumption that are studying full-time as an international student, it will be necessary for you to be able to manage your time between completing your studies and working as well. Your visa may also stipulate a maximum number of hours in which you are legally entitled to work each week. Considering that you have first and foremost come to New Zealand to study, it would be silly for example to find yourself in an overly high-pressure and demanding workplace. Finding something where you're comfortable and you're not going to kept awake at night stressing over your work should be essential!

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4) Look in more than just than one place

While we're not denying that the major online employment portals are great places to find a job, truth is that there are so many other resources at your availability. Whether it be local newspapers, flyers on pin-up boards in supermarkets, recruitment agencies, or even the old-fashioned technique of cold-calling and introducing yourself, you would be surprised what you can find if you look for it. Your university can also be of great assistance too. Chances are that they will have their own 'careers portal' or something along those lines where plenty of opportunities can be found. 

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